The 5-Second Trick For elastomeric keypads guide

Keypads give fantastic effectiveness in a wide variety of situations and supply quite a few design alternatives to suit your needs:

CSI Keyboards is a global leader and expert of custom designed and manufactured elastomer switches and custom silicone rubber keypads. Elastomer switches or rubber keypads are created from silicone rubber Attributes that are generally processed from possibly injection or compression molding. Silicone rubber membrane switches use compression-molded silicone rubber (vs . polyester or polycarbonate graphic overlay product normally used in conventional membrane swap designs) with conductive carbon tablets or with non-conductive rubber actuators.

Our focused engineers can supply you with keypad answers that provide the appropriate appear, feedback, and cost for your preferences.

Design Versatility: Rubber keypads offer a multitude of cosmetic and aesthetic solutions and also tactile suggestions customization.

For each big and compact customers we provide engineering and design aid to ensure that your keypads exceeds your entire requirements.

IGS and/or .STP) with the component to estimate in addition to a PDF of that drawing. In case you only have a sketch or rough drawing, we might be able to assist you in finishing your design. Be sure to email or phone us and certainly one of our pleasant engineers will be happy To help you.

In different ways hardness really should be applied for different needs. Click on the impression in the remaining to check out a chart of ideally silicone hardness depending on sealing requirements, tactile drive needs, insert molded keytops and pull throughs.

Their involvement has led to advances in technology including the use of tough plastic important tops bonded to your rubber keypad in addition to the use of embossed Mylar layer to make an Improved tactile response.[one]

Silicone rubber keypads (generally known as Elastomeric Keypads) are used extensively in the two client and industrial electronic solutions as being a affordable and dependable switching Resolution.[one]

Considering that silicone is really an adaptable substance, the membrane form and dimension can be designed to obtain a range of actuation forces and tactile responses.

Laser etching is particularly suited to keypad apps using back elastomeric keypads guide again-lighting. Diverse colour coatings are laser etched to expose legends and people. This system also permits multi-coloured spots to become exposed and lit.

ALMAX manufactures an entire line of rubber keypads which include tactile rubber keypads, non-tactile rubber keypads and molded plastic keypad programs. Rubber keypad decoration alternatives include embossing, etching as well as the inclusion of our proprietary MaxFilm lights for back-lit rubber keypads.

Non-tinted silicone rubber tends to make an excellent diffuser of light. By integrating laser etching and SMT LEDs over a circuit layer, a rubber keypad can certainly be backlit with a single LED.

Our distinctive EL technologies, patented numerous color illumination techniques and impressive interface designs is often custom designed on your demanding criteria.

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